Be Happy

Posted on 16 February 2017

Bobby McFerrin released "Don't Worry, Be Happy" in 1988 and won a Grammy Award for the song that same year for Song of the Year. If one were to dissect the lyrics they will see that he lists a lot of things that can go wrong in one's life. It may seem silly to some for him to simply say "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (in a sing-song way of course) after talking about people's problems with rent or being lonely. But when you deal with immense stress, after the initial low is over, you catch your breath and pause to analyze the situation, you can see the situation in one of two ways. 
First, you can stress yourself over everything that goes wrong. Or second, you can let it go as it happens. Stressing over something that is wrong does not help the situation. If you think about it, over thinking what is going wrong and not right only causes you more pain. Not only this, but it creates a certain expectation in your mind that things are supposed to be a certain way. As much as people hate to admit, we are not in control of everything that happens around us from a day to day basis. This is something that we can live with or learn the hard way to stress our full lives. 
So "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" I promise you do not have to sing the song. 
My friends and I were having a conversation regarding this subject recently at our local coffee shop in Brooklyn. Nanette, literally an all frills and zero relaxation type of personality that she has, does not necessarily stress too much. But she always keeps herself so busy that sometimes everything she has to do catches up to her in the long run. Between work as a model, staying fit and spending normal time out with us and her other friends, sometimes she struggles to find a balance. But we help keep her and check and always provide an ear for her to vent.
Pax, has always been an interesting, march to the beat or her own drum kind of girl. Stress and Pax, while they sort of rhyme, do not go together. Or rarely. The sky would literally have to be falling for her to break a sweat and end up stressing over something. Besides, being an overall awesome chick, she is a perfect balance to our overall stress filled lives. I myself have dealt with my own fair share of stress.
Pearl is a classic kind of girl, in love with  tea parties and all things girly. Nothing wrong with that! After all, we're all girls in our close knit group. Well, Pearl has the bad habit getting really apprehensive and having bad anxiety before events or even some daily activities. She's a soft spoken, quiet kind of girl who gets embarrassed a little too easily. i wouldn't call her sensitive, but definitely puts too much pressure on herself to be perfect 24/7. All of us tell her time and time again, that no one is perfect so not even she should strive to be. Wanting your work to come out correctly and beautiful is fine. But adding stress on top of that by expecting every single detail of your day to go how you expect is just not good for your sanity. So, Nanette, Pax and I constantly talk her down from her high stress levels and surround her with all the love that she needs to stay grounded on planet earth. 
I think I relate the most to Pearl. While I try my best to stay grounded, I have to admit I've dealt with my fair share of stress. Even having an ulcer at one point. That might actually be my lowest point and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Having an ulcer teaches you a lot at once. One, this is what  chronic stress can really do to your body! I was worried sick that I had a wound literally inside my stomach. But secondly, you learn to deal with stress in a healthier way. Lastly, you learn to only stress about the things that really matter, strictly life or death situations. I'm not saying it's a crime to stress. But why waste time being mad or sad about something that has not been resolved yet? The best is yet to come and no one will be able to appreciate the good that happens if they keep stressing the past or present. 
Be Happy!
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