Release Your Self Doubts

Posted on 22 December 2016

Dear Diary, 

Today I met my friends Lucy, Millie and Billy for some hot chocolate. Boy it is cold outside in Brooklyn! We had a nice chat about our differences today. Billy was laced up tight about how much she stands out from the crowd, but I reassured her that being a diamond in the rough like she is, is a blessing, NOT a curse. 

Lucy gets insecure about her height every now and again. Millie and I convinced her to be grateful for how she was made. Each and every one of us brings something different to the table. Also, not everyone can be as tall as Millie and I. 

Millie is going on a blind date tonight and told me she was very anxious. She is unsure about how her date will react to her birthmarks that she has all the way down both of her legs.

Everyone has self-doubts from time to time. But we have to learn how to silence the evil and bad thoughts and focus more time reflecting on the good and joyful times. What Billy, Lucy, Millie and I are all grateful for is that during the month of December we are all on sale! Not just us four either, all of us at Eddie Marc & Co.

Release your self doubts. Visit and get 30 percent off throughout December with the code "2016HOLIDAY"


Mindy  xoxo

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