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Posted on 28 December 2016

Dear Diary,
Today was definitely perfect bootie wearing weather. It was one of those mornings you just want to snuggle with your blanket and not get up. Not too cold and not hot either. My morning coffee really hit the spot. I met my friends Blair, Bobbi and Lola to celebrate our anniversary. One whole year passed since we all met!
Blair boot
We met while seeing Wicked on Broadway. How neat that we all ended up next to each other! Lola and I saw it once before but Blair and Bobbi did not until that day. They loved it! Lola and I bonded over our love for Defying Gravity. We caught each other singing along during the performance and started laughing to ourselves. Bobbi and Blair are obsessed with the show now too!
As we made our way home after meeting, we realized something. As different as we all are, each with our own signature style and looks, we met in such an extraordinary way and bonded instantly. We're so glad to have met that day. Even better, Bobbi, Blair, Lola and I are all happy to be on sale through December! Not only us four, but all of us at
Eddie Marc & Co
Find your signature style bootie, or any shoe you like. Visit and get 30 percent off with the code "2016HOLIDAY" throughout December. 
Betsy, xoxo. 

Betsy Boot

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