Start the Year Off Right

Posted on 04 January 2017

Dear Diary, 
It was a rainy day in Brooklyn today. Nothing boots cannot handle! My friends Buffy, Charlie, Cynthia and I got together after work to relax and catch a movie at my place. It took a while for us to decide what we wanted to see after we finished our sushi that we ordered for dinner. We were already watching our favorite show Gilmore Girls. Ultimately, we became so wrapped up in the story, we decided to continue to binge watch an entire season. 
Each of us has our favorite character. Buffy's favorite character from Gilmore Girls is Lorelai. She loves how quick-witted her character is when speaking. Buffy has that in common with Lorelai, she has been known for her sassy comebacks in the past. 
Charlie has an obsession with Sookie, the chef at Lorelai's Inn. It couldn't be more obvious why! Their love of cooking is beyond a match. If Sookie was a real person, they could basically start their own restaurant together. 
Cynthia really likes Luke, not only because she has a crush on him, but because he is deep down such a great guy! Whenever Lorelai and Rory need him, he is there even though he does not have any obligation to them. After all, he is not Rory's dad or Lorelai's husband. However, he is definitely a critical part of their community family in a very sweet way. 
My favorite character is Rory. Why you may ask? I enjoy how different she is from a lot of female characters. She is not overtly feminine, but still proud of her femininity. She has her own dreams and thoughts, loves to read, and does not let any guy get in the way. Still, she is a normal girl who has boyfriends, goes to concerts with her friends, goes to school, visits her grandparents. Yet, even in her ordinary ways, she is extraordinary.
I am very glad that I was able to start my year off right with all my girls, including the Gilmore Girls! 
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Bridget xoxo 

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